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Wenjian Bi

Multiplicity Adjusted Evidence Weights for Characterizing Associations of Phenotypes With Genotypes

Hui Zhang

Statistical methods for paired mRNA-seq count analysis

Xueyuan Cao

CC-PROMISE: Projection onto the Most Interesting Statistical Evidence (PROMISE) with Canonical Correlation to Integrate Gene Expression and Methylation Data with Multiple Pharmacologic and Clinical Endpoints

Minen Al-Kafajy

Poster title: Zhx2: a novel regulator of gene expression in mice 

Rahul Mudunuri

Mining physiological data to identify patients with similar medical events and phenotypes

Naga Satya V Rao Nagisetty

Biorepository Laboratory Information Management System (BLIMS)

Dongfeng Wu

long term effects and over diagnosis using CT in lung cancer

Fazle Faisal

Dynamic and integrative biological network research of aging

Ruiqi Liu

Bayesian Estimation of the Three Key Parameters in CT for the National Lung Screening Trial Data

Debbie Burgess

Designing and writing software or in silico subtractive hybridization of large eukaryotic genomes

Igor Iskusnykh

Transcription factor Ptf1a specifies GABAergic somatosensory and viscerosensory neurons in the developing brainstem.

Yan Cui

Deep neural networks for transcriptome-based cancer classification

Nataliya Lenchik

Gene Expression Differences in Laser-Captured Human Islets from Non-Diabetic Auto-Antibody Positive Vs Matched Antibody Negative Individuals

Mohammad Mohebbi

 Smart Brief for Home Health Monitoring

John Carmen

Identifying genetic differences in thermally dimorphic and state specific fungi using in silico genomic comparison

Xiaofei Zhang

Computationally characterizing genomic pipelines and benchmarking results using GATK best practices on the high performance computing cluster at the University of Kentucky

Ogun Adebali

A web-based center for sensitive protein domain searches

AKM Sabbir

A Methodology to Predict The Side Effects of Newly Developed Drugs Using Docking  Score From Previously Approved Drugs and Machine Learning Techniques

Naresh Prodduturi

Development of approaches enabling the identification of abnormal gene expression from RNA-Seq in personalized oncology

Xing Li

Data integration and visualization of multiple “-omics” data prioritizes disease genes and discovers molecular mechanism in congenital heart defects

Shanshan Gao

Analysis of optimal alignment unfolds bias in exsitring variant profiles

jinggang yin

The Modulate Effects of Notch Signaling Pathway to Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells

junming yue

Lentiviral CRISPR/cas9 vector mediated miRNA editing disrupts miRNA function

Patrick Trainor

Classifier performance for multiclass metabolomic phenotype discrimination

Nicholas Johnson

Tracking the Pax

Banrida Wahlang

Polychlorinated biphenyl exposure alters the expression profile of microRNAs associated with vascular diseases

Robert Flight

Visualizing the effects of data transformations on omics error

Chris Curran

Thyroid hormone disruption and gene expression changes in three genotypes of PCB-treated mice

Joshua Mitchell

Biochemically Aware Substructure Search (BASS) - an algorithm for finding biochemically relevant chemical subgraphs.

Chandrakanth Emani

Molecular Evolution of Cancer Driver genes

Sabine Waigel

The UofL Genomics Facility

Jing Wang

Large scale discovery of active enhancers from nascent RNA sequencing

Sen Yao

Aberrant coordination geometries models discovered in top abundant metalloproteins

Hui Yu

Identifying target genes for RNA-binding proteins

David Henderson

1H-NMR Metabolite Assignment through Deduction and Induction Cycles (MADIC)

Thilakam Murali

Graph database implementation of atom-resolved, KEGG-derived metabolic networks

Melissa Metzler

Porphyromonas gingivalis and the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT): signaling networks linking infection to cancer promotion

Kelly Sovacool

Processing RNA-Seq data of plants infected with coffee ringspot virus

Shilin Zhao

KEGGprofile: an analyzing and visualization package for complicated expression data in KEGG pathway

Benjamin Harrison


Bernie Daigle, Jr.

Integration of microRNA-mRNA Interaction Networks with Gene Expression Data to Increase Experimental Power

Andrey Smelter

Automated Assignment of Magic-Angle-Spinning Solid-State Protein NMR Spectra

Xiaohong Li

Comparison of Different Normalization Methods for Detection of Differentially Expressed Genes in RNA-seq Data

Kalpani de Silva

Identification of conserved genomic regions and variation therein amongst Cetartiodactyla species using Next Generation Sequencing

AKM Sabbir

Side-Effect Term Matching for Computational Adverse Drug Predictions

AKM Sabbir

Side-Effect Term Matching for Computational Adverse Drug Predictions

Shruti Sinha

Co-Contact Map Visualization of Protein Residue Contact, Covariance,Secondary Structure, Surface, and other Physiochemical Properties.

Charles Phillips

Enrichment vs Robustness: a Comparison of Transcriptomic Data Clustering Metrics

R Michael Sivley

Identifying Clusters in Protein Structure:

Comparisons between Polymorphic, Pathogenic, and Somatic Variation

Eugene Hinderer

GOcats: A tool for the automatic categorization of Gene Ontology terms into sub-graphs representing user-defined emergent concepts

Shreyas Joshi

Improved Sleep related Gene Ontologies through analysis of KOMP2 sleep phenotyping data and gene expression studies

Mehmet Kocak

Searching for Mouse Circadian Genes in Hypothalamus and Amygdala

Patrick Trainor

Molecular fingerprinting for inferring a Gaussian Graphical Model representation of a stable coronary artery disease plasma metabolome using adaptive graphical Lasso penalization 

Mohammad Mohebbi

Smart Brief for Home Health Monitoring